Copy of TC_Jennie4

Dev Bootcamp Alumni Office Visits: Trunk Club

Trunk Club is known for the premium quality service of its stylists, but did you know that extends to its developers as well? We went on a Dev Bootcamp Alumni office visit and met up with Jennie, who was one of three apprentices on the Trunk Club development team to learn about apprenticeships, development teams, […]

Michael Walker

Meet Dev Bootcamp’s New San Francisco Campus Director

We are excited to announce that at the start of the new year, Michael J. Walker (“Walker”) assumed his role as leader of the Dev Bootcamp San Francisco campus. After graduating from the program in mid-2015 and working as a student mentor, Walker developed an intimate understanding of Dev Bootcamp’s focus on the technical, interpersonal […]

Cat Ming Hubbard

Engineering Empathy case study or how I learned to stop worrying and love the Uke

I was in band all through high school. I tried a few different instruments, but mallet percussion is what really got me going. Xylophone, marimba, glockenspiel, chimes, and all that jazz. Like many band geeks, I stopped playing any kind of music once I hit college. Worse than that, during that time I decided that […]


Next Stop: Dev Bootcamp Austin!

ATX, here we come! We are beyond thrilled to announce that we’ll be opening a new Dev Bootcamp campus in Austin in mid-2016. Austin is such an incredible city with a booming tech scene (that already employs a dozen Dev Bootcamp alums!), we can’t wait to get up and running. Our program is designed for […]


Alumni Spotlight: Nathan Codes for Public Radio

The best emails we get at Dev Bootcamp are the ones from recent graduates sharing their job news. After Career Week they hit the ground running to get their first developer job (usually junior dev, associate engineer, or software apprentice…the title varies). And then, if they’re not too busy working, we get another email a […]

Future Predictions

Coding Bootcamps: 2015 Year-in-Review and 2016 Predictions

By Jon Stowe, President and Partner, Dev Bootcamp If you’ve been following the coding bootcamp space, you’re keenly aware that 2015 was a year of tremendous growth for the industry. And, as we start 2016, the new year will undoubtedly bring continued momentum regarding student interest, number of successful graduates and proliferation of program offerings […]

Beautiful Sunny Morning in Seattle With Mt Rainier

Applications Are Open for Dev Bootcamp Seattle

2016 is going to be a big year for Dev Bootcamp; we’re excited to announce that we’ll be bringing our immersive coding program to Seattle! Applications are now open! Our first cohort will start Phase 0 (part-time prep work) on 4/11, and full-time on-campus immersive on 6/13. Want to learn more? Download the syllabus or […]

Considering career options at Dev Bootcamp

How to land your first job as a web developer: Advice from Dev Bootcamp grads

What does it take to successfully attack the search for your first job as a web developer? As a Career Coach at Dev Bootcamp I have learned that when it comes to managing a successful job search the process is just as critical as the goal. Mark Twain once said, “The secret of getting ahead is […]

MiddleGround double

Middle Ground: Meet Friends Halfway

The final eight days of Dev Bootcamp are dedicated to working in small teams to create beautiful, functional, meaningful final projects. Students pitch ideas for apps and services and build them from the ground up. It’s an opportunity to stack lots of technologies together, experiment with new tools, and create something real and useful. Middle […]

Strategies for learning to code

Four Key Strategies to Jump Start a Career as a Software Developer

For many dabbling in code there is an anxiety around making the jump towards becoming a professional software developer. Harvard graduate and Dev Bootcamp teacher, Julian Bouma, unearths misconceptions and shares some insight around a journey that needn’t be so daunting. 1. Take the leap and dive in “The reasons behind becoming a developer are […]