TEDGlobal 2012 - June 25 - 29, 2012, Edinburgh, Scotland. Photo: James Duncan Davidson

Meeting Jane McGonigal: Thinking About Tech and Mental Health

Last night in Chicago, our co-founder Dave Hoover mc’d an amazing event at Chicago’s tech hub 1871 about tech and mental health. He introduced Jane McGonigal, the Chief Science Officer at SuperBetter, a tech company dedicated to helping people improve their lives and reduce symptoms of mental health disorders by playing games. Jane first became […]

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Dev Bootcamp Alumni Office Visits: GiveForward

At Dev Bootcamp, we have a call to action for our students: “Make Beautiful and Meaningful Things.” We have four amazing alumni, Mark, Zach, Jane, and Celeen, who are doing just that in their work on  the development team at GiveForward. GiveForward is an online funding and donation platform that has helped raise over 150 million of […]


How Hiring Mixers Help Students Get Jobs After Dev Bootcamp

Career Services at Dev Bootcamp is a many-headed army of awesome helpers and guides. It encompasses our fantastic career coaches, like Lia and Leia, who individually work with students on their game plans and strategies for the job hunt. It also includes our employer partner team, who bring new companies into the Dev Bootcamp fold […]


Dev Bootcamp Teachers: Meet Duke from Chicago

“One of my favorite moments as a Dev Bootcamp instructor is the look on a student’s face the moment they realize they didn’t just come to Dev Bootcamp to learn about code; they came to learn about themselves.” Junior Instructor Duke Greene grew up pursuing his love for making music and people. He worked as a […]

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Meet Our Dev Bootcamp Mentors in New York Part 1

At Dev Bootcamp NYC, we’re happy to have our alumni as part of our mentoring team! The Dev Bootcamp mentor program demonstrates the strength of our learning community through the engagement of alumni committed to supporting our current students. Whether they are working full time or on freelance projects, Dev Bootcamp mentors are alumni who want […]


Dev Bootcamp Career Coaches: Meet Lia from Chicago

“I’m working with people who are changing their lives. I hear stories from graduates who were unhappy in their jobs before Dev Bootcamp and some who weren’t making more than ten or twelve dollars an hour. And after they come out of the program and start their new careers so many things start to open […]

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Dev Bootcamp Alumni Office Visits: Brad’s Deals

If you’re a fan of hot deals, savings, or online shopping you’re probably familiar with Brad’s Deals, but what about some of the developers who help make the magic happen? We went on a Dev Bootcamp Alumni office visit to see three of our  alums: Lauren, Keith, and Allen. They work as full stack developers […]


Dev Bootcamp Teachers: Meet Sam from New York

“I love learning from the other teachers as well as the students here. Whenever I sit down to do a live code or troubleshoot a problem with a student, I always learn a little bit more. By speaking through the coding process and externalizing my thoughts, I become both a better developer and a teacher. […]

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Dev Bootcamp Teachers: Meet Masha from San Francisco

“Anything is possible. The only ingredients you need are hard work, time, belief in yourself, and the permission to let yourself be you. That’s a lot of what we teach here.” Masha Lifshin is a professional artist, designer, programmer, and mother; all of which has prepared her to teach at Dev Bootcamp San Francisco. Especially […]

The Hive Project

The Hive: A friendly place for coders to collaborate

The final eight days of Dev Bootcamp are dedicated to working in small teams to create beautiful, functional, meaningful final projects. Students pitch ideas for apps and services and build them from the ground up. It’s an opportunity to stack lots of technologies together, experiment with new tools, and create something real and useful. The […]