Volunteers at an event for Dev Bootcamp where beginners learned HTML/CSS
Startup, Coding, & Tech Events at Dev Bootcamp

Don’t miss a killer calendar of upcoming events at Dev Bootcamp campuses in San Francisco, New York City, and Chicago. All of these events are open to the public and we welcome beginner coders or those new to the tech industry. Come by and mix, mingle, and learn. Meet Dev Bootcamp staff, students, and alumni, […]

Ryan Used Dev Bootcamp to Move from Customer Service to Engineering

Before he took the leap to Dev Bootcamp, Ryan was working in product support for a tech company called Qualtrics, working with the company’s highest profile clients. He really enjoyed the company and people, but the work became too routine and wasn’t new and challenging. “I knew I liked coding as I had taken one […]

How Learning to Code is Like Learning to Write

Maria Piper is the Director of Phase 0, our nine-week part-time remote program that leads up to the immersive on-campus program. Phase 0 is part on-ramp, part introduction, part leveling agent that helps incoming Dev Bootcamp students get accustomed to coding practices, learn vocabulary, and practice the mental “muscles” they’ll be flexing big time on […]

Introducing the Braintree Commit Fellowship for Dev Bootcamp

We are thrilled to announce that Braintree, a Chicago-based payments technology company, will be fully sponsoring two Dev Bootcamp students this year with their new Braintree Commit Fellowship. From the Braintree blog: “As the technology industry continues to find itself at the center of the conversation around workplace diversity, Braintree has stepped forward to pledge […]

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Four Questions to Ask about Bootcamp Employment Statistics

If you’re interested in a coding bootcamp, you’ll probably want to understand the program’s post-graduation employment rate. Given the stories about the number of people with bachelor’s degrees and $30,000 in debt who are struggle to find jobs post-graduation, it’s smart to be thinking about the return on investment of an immersive coding program. But, […]

What We Learned Piloting Dev Bootcamp Columbus

On February 23rd, we piloted a cohort in Columbus, Ohio. It was an experiment in a hybrid teaching style, with one teacher on-site in Columbus, and another teacher remote in Chicago. On April 24th, the cohort graduated, presenting their final projects to a dozen Columbus tech companies, and took the next step toward launching their […]

Your guide for having a great informational interview

When Dev bootcamp graduates finish the technical program, they’re not quite done. The last week of the program is Career Week. A series of workshops run by our full-time Career Services team, Career Week prepares them for the nitty-gritty work of job-searching. Most Dev Bootcamp grads come from non-technical backgrounds, and the job search for […]

Dev Bootcamp Chicago Celebrates Two-Year Anniversary!

Two years ago to the day we opened our doors in Chicago. On this second Chicago-versary, we’re sharing some thoughts from our Chicago lead Dave Hoover, who’s been there since Day 1. Dave is a former child and family therapist turned developer, turned apprentice-program leader at Obtiva and Groupon, turned coding bootcamp co-founder. He even […]

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Building Apps that Matter at Coding Bootcamp: Hannah’s Story

The final eight days of Dev Bootcamp are dedicated to working in small teams to create beautiful, functional, meaningful final projects. Students pitch ideas for apps and services and build them from the ground up. It’s an opportunity to stack lots of technologies together, experiment with new tools, and create something real and useful. Recent […]

4 Strategies to Avoid Burnout at Coding Bootcamp

Intense educational experiences can be… well, intense. Whether it’s a language immersion program or finals week or putting the finishing touches on a thesis, when you’re trying to learn a lot of material really fast (and retain it!) finding ways to stay sane and productive is tough. At Dev Bootcamp, we talk a lot about […]