Your guide for having a great informational interview

When Dev bootcamp graduates finish the technical program, they’re not quite done. The last week of the program is Career Week. A series of workshops run by our full-time Career Services team, Career Week prepares them for the nitty-gritty work of job-searching. Most Dev Bootcamp grads come from non-technical backgrounds, and the job search for […]

Dev Bootcamp Chicago Celebrates Two-Year Anniversary!

Two years ago to the day we opened our doors in Chicago. On this second Chicago-versary, we’re sharing some thoughts from our Chicago lead Dave Hoover, who’s been there since Day 1. Dave is a former child and family therapist turned developer, turned apprentice-program leader at Obtiva and Groupon, turned coding bootcamp co-founder. He even […]

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Building Apps that Matter at Coding Bootcamp: Hannah’s Story

The final eight days of Dev Bootcamp are dedicated to working in small teams to create beautiful, functional, meaningful final projects. Students pitch ideas for apps and services and build them from the ground up. It’s an opportunity to stack lots of technologies together, experiment with new tools, and create something real and useful. Recent […]

4 Strategies to Avoid Burnout at Coding Bootcamp

Intense educational experiences can be… well, intense. Whether it’s a language immersion program or finals week or putting the finishing touches on a thesis, when you’re trying to learn a lot of material really fast (and retain it!) finding ways to stay sane and productive is tough. At Dev Bootcamp, we talk a lot about […]

Staff hangout! Program coordinator Courtney and instructors Casey and Lucas grab a minute to chat in the middle of the day.
A Day in the Instagram Life of a Coding Bootcamp Instructor

Leon Gersing is a bit of a legend. Just check out his Twitter handle @rubybuddha. He’s been writing software for over ten years, he gives talks around the world on Open Source, keeping software weird, and making software development more accessible and learn-able for lots of kinds of people. He’s now a full-time coding bootcamp […]

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Free (or cheap) tools for beginners learning to code

For most people considering coding schools like Dev Bootcamp (which has campuses in Chicago, San Francisco, and New York City), it’s a very big decision. Lots of money, lots of time, lots of work. We always recommend that people thinking about leaping into an immersive, full-time coding bootcamp find ways to dip their toes into […]

Andrew Got a Job at Goby!

Dev Bootcamp Chicago alumni Andrew combined his passion for sustainability and energy policy with his programming skills to land a new job as a web developer and analyst at Goby, an environmental consulting firm that takes a “pragmatic green” approach to helping clients reduce their environmental impact. After graduating from college with a degree in […]

Budgeting for Bootcamp: Strategies and Reminders

Just like any continuing education program–whether it’s nursing school, a PhD in Philosophy, or an intensive Spanish study in Madrid–coding bootcamps are an investment in your education and career prospects. And like any graduate program or higher education offering, it takes planning and preparation to get financially and logistically ready for tackling the challenge of […]

3 (Non-Technical) Traits Companies Look for in Junior Developers

New developers often worry whether their programming knowledge will be enough to get them hired. We see this across the board, with Dev Bootcamp grads, self-taught programmers, and new computer science college graduates. Here’s the truth; your programming knowledge is not enough to get your hired. Most hiring managers look for three specific skills, above […]

Dev Bootcamp Alumni Reunion at ThoughtWorks in India!

For five weeks in Pune, India, ThoughtWorks holds ThoughtWorks U, a five-week training program for their new hires. Three Dev Bootcamp alumni, from three different cohorts and different campuses, recently reunited to start the process of becoming Thoughtworks web developers. Thoughtworks U is an intense experience, but for Louie, Christoph, and Theo, who completed our […]