DC Alumni Visit: Katherine at LivingSocial

We love checking in on our awesome alumni, and occasionally even have the privilege of bothering them at their workplaces! This week, we visited Katherine, a 2014 graduate of Dev Bootcamp NYC, who now works as a software engineer at LivingSocial. Meet Katherine, History Teacher Turned Software Engineer Undergrad: University of Vermont Grad: The George […]

San Diego Sea Lions

San Diego Sea Lions Graduate – The First Cohort of Our New Expansion Locations

Dev Bootcamp San Diego’s inaugural cohort, the SD Sea Lions, graduated today! Our team of hardworking educators was first introduced to the city last November to get better acquainted with the tech and broader communities and start integrating into San Diego’s rich fabric. Since then, we have partnered with Girl Develop It, PyLadies, GeekGirl and […]

Black Girls Code

How to support girls learning to code

This past weekend I led a workshop with Black Girls Code in Boston. As a career coach at Dev Bootcamp’s New York City campus and a parent myself, I was excited to share ideas for parents on how to support their daughter’s tech education. Early on a Saturday morning there were two full rooms bustling with young […]


Announcing Dev Bootcamp DC!

Dev Bootcamp is coming to the nation’s capital! We’re excited to announce that we’ll be opening our Washington, DC campus this fall. Washington, DC has a blossoming tech scene (where a dozen of our alumni work already) and we can’t wait to get up and running. Dev Bootcamp DC graduates will join a thriving community […]

Course Report Campus Spotlight DBC Seattle

Course Report Campus Spotlight on DBC Seattle

The folks at Course Report did a deep-dive interview with our Seattle Campus Director, Stu Jones: “I think culturally Dev Bootcamp is a great fit in Seattle. I haven’t lived in Seattle very long, but the people I meet are tremendously friendly, kind and thoughtful. Bringing Dev Bootcamp’s program and culture to Seattle is a […]

Facebook F8 Scholarship

Dev Bootcamp and Facebook to Provide 20 Scholarships to People from Underrepresented Communities

The lack of diversity in tech is not a new issue. Everyone has weighed in on it from engineering superstars to President Obama. This symphony of voices and perspectives adds to an interesting dialog that continues to evolve around the topic, but largely, that’s what it has remained: a dialog. No one has yet discovered […]

Whitney O'Banner

My Personal Story as a Woman of Color in the Tech Industry Matters

“A big component of the solution to the diversity issue is simply showing up and bringing your whole-self to work every day…Just being a woman of color who loves tech and stays in the industry makes a difference.” A quote directly from our Austin campus director, Whitney O’Banner, who shared her personal tech journey with […]


Trainspotter: Curating Your Collections

The final eight days of Dev Bootcamp are dedicated to working in small teams to create beautiful, functional, meaningful final projects. Students pitch ideas for apps and services and build them from the ground up. It’s an opportunity to stack lots of technologies together, experiment with new tools, and create something real and useful. Trainspotter […]

Julian Bouma

Meet Julian Bouma: Teacher at Dev Bootcamp San Francisco

  “It’s easy to think of a program like DBC as traditional schooling, where there is a prescribed way of learning and you follow a recipe to get to an answer. But at DBC, you teach yourself concepts and get familiar with a theory. Then, during class time, you apply those concepts. We try to […]

Students work together at Dev Bootcamp

The Stack Overflow’s flawed survey and the persistent challenge of diversity in tech

Last week, popular Q&A site for programmers, Stack Overflow, released a study about the state of developers and developing in 2016. The study has some interesting insights, but as Medium author Glitterwitch astutely pointed out in a now-viral Medium article, titled Stack Overflow’s Developer Survey Analysis Hurts Women, there are some fatal flaws in both […]