Ryan Jafari

Meet Dev Bootcamp NYC Campus Director Ryan Jafari

Dev Bootcamp NYC Campus Director Ryan Jafari has “a great fear of computers.” “I have a great love, at the same time,” he explains. “For some reason, I love what I’m afraid of.” Ryan grew up in a lower middle class shore town on Long Island, where he first developed this love. He describes the […]


Learn to code this summer with these free and low-cost resources

If you are hoping to learn to code or pick up new coding skills whether on campus or online summer is a great time! Below is a list of free or low-cost online courses to take, tools to take advantage of, newsletters worth subscribing to, and podcasts to listen to this summer that have been compiled […]


Nurturing Entrepreneurs at Dev Bootcamp San Francisco

Over the past few months, Dev Bootcamp’s San Francisco campus has had the privilege of housing Sway, a startup founded by 2014 Dev Bootcamp graduate Ashwin Kumar and fellow UCLA graduate Cat Jue. In return, Ashwin and Cat have been coaching students and helping them prepare for post-bootcamp life. We’ve shaped this exchange into Dev Bootcamp San […]

Mark at Dev Bootcamp

Meet Mark, teacher at Dev Bootcamp DC

Meet Mark, one of the teachers at Dev Bootcamp DC. Mark is accomplished web developer with a fascination for science and communication. After graduation, he worked as a Rails developer in Boulder and did a ton of freelancing. With the robust and growing tech community and multitude of positions in everything from government to nonprofits […]

Yoga with Dev Bootcamp Austin

Finding work/life harmony: Dev Bootcamp Austin women in tech afternoon

Dev Bootcamp Austin hosted Women In Tech Afternoon at Google Fiber in Austin, Texas in late May. We partnered with both tech groups and companies including: Women Who Code, Google Fiber, , Lesbians Who Tech, Women Who Code, Girl Develop It, Skills Fund, ChickTech, RetailMeNot, RecruitHer, and Lululemon. We also partnered with popular local Austin companies: […]

Cat Saunders

Relearning to learn the Dev Bootcamp way in a single day

At Dev Bootcamp, our students acquire skills and conceptual understanding at full tilt in an immersive learning environment. To keep up with the demanding schedule of our program, they learn through a different lens than that of traditional academics. I experienced the potency of this teaching style for myself when I took part in a […]

Brianna Wada

Dev Bootcamp Career Developer: Meet Brianne from San Diego

“What makes me so excited about Dev Bootcamp is our goal to holistically develop our community by creating an environment that encourages individuals to embrace their authentic selves and value continuous learning. I am particularly fond of DBC’s integration of engineering empathy. Self awareness leads to expanding horizons and learning how to communicate effectively with others—skills […]


Engineering Empathy case study: that time my whole self started a rock band

At Dev Bootcamp the concept of “whole self” is one of our core principles and something we talk about everyday and focus on in our Engineering Empathy curriculum. But what does that really mean to bring your whole self to work and to Dev Bootcamp? A metaphor we use in our Engineering Empathy sessions is a […]

DBC Alumni Blogs

Tips, Tricks and Lessons Learned from Dev Bootcamp Alumni

The hunger Dev Bootcamp alumni have for learning new skills and sharing what they’ve learned with their community doesn’t stop when they graduate and get their dog tags (yes, all Dev Bootcamp graduates get personalized dog tags – we’re a bootcamp after all!). They are only just beginning. A phrase you often hear around the […]


Can I work as a developer, but not at a tech company?

When people picture where software developers work, they often picture big tech companies like Google, Facebook, and Apple, or they picture up-and-coming startups a la Silicon Valley. Although many of our alumni do work at companies like those (including Google, Facebook, and Apple), what about folks that want to be software developers and work for […]