Namaste, coders! Why we have yoga at Dev Bootcamp

A coding bootcamp as immersive as Dev Bootcamp wouldn’t be sustainable for students if there were not a significant wellness component to make up for the significant brain drain. Our founder, Sherif Bishay, and those surrounding him during Dev Bootcamp’s launch recognized this need from the start and worked to keep students positively engaged physically, […]

Coding conferences as a learning resource: GORUCO 2015

Dev Bootcamp NYC Instructor Chris DiMartino attended the Gotham Ruby Conference (GORUCO) on June 2015. He shared his thoughts about the conference below.  GORUCO 2015 was an excellent opportunity to learn of new ways in which Ruby is being used in business, as well as being a great place to network with fellow Rubyists. At the conference both […]

Dev Bootcamp Teachers: Meet Casey from Chicago

“Learning is about discovery and curiosity. Watching students from day one to graduation day and seeing the way they grow as developers and human beings is amazing.” Casey Cumbow never imagined that one day she would be a web developer, much less teaching other people Ruby on Rails and Javascript. As one of the instructors […]

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Celebrating the Dads at Dev Bootcamp with #DadsWhoCode

This past weekend we celebrated Father’s Day by sharing some shots of the many dads at Dev Bootcamp with #DadsWhoCode. Staff members, instructors, alumni, and friends submitted pics of themselves with their offspring (or with their own dads!) and we captured them all at our new Instagram handle @dev_bootcamp. Clockwise from top left: San Francisco […]

What about SECOND jobs after Dev Bootcamp?

Here at Dev Bootcamp, we talk a lot about first jobs because most of our students are changing industries to land their first job in web development. They are leaving careers in education, advertising, law, hospitality, customer service, art, or any number of things to launch into something new. First jobs after Dev Bootcamp are typically junior, […]

Dev Bootcamp Teaching Assistants – The Graduates Who Just Keep Coming to School

In addition to our full-time instructors at Dev Bootcamp, we offer instructional support for our students in the form of  a particularly passionate breed of individuals; Teaching Assistants. Teaching Assistants are hired as part-time instructional support for our students in each phase for a 9-week period. Each TA is assigned to a particular 3-week cohort […]

Women leaders of coding schools to gather and discuss the future of tech education
What We Learned When We Put Women Leaders of Coding Schools Together in a Room

Last week in Chicago, we hosted an inaugural (and hopefully to-be-repeated!) panel with women leaders from across the spectrum of coding schools and accelerators in the city. Our goal? To have a conversation about the burgeoning industry we’re all a part of and discuss how coding schools fit into broader trends in education, technology, and […]

Self-portrait by Ari Russo
Programming Music and Video with Ruby

As part of our speakers and workshop series at Dev Bootcamp New York City we hosted a talk by Ari Russo, a musician, video artist, Senior Developer at Paperless Post, and co-organizer of the Monthly Music Hackathon. During his talk Ari shared the open source programs he created using the Ruby programming language in order to […]

The bison are emblematic of efforts to increase diversity at dev bootcamp
Alumni Makes Short Documentary about Diversity at Dev Bootcamp

Nicole McCabe is an unusual Dev Bootcamp graduate. While most alumni go on to get jobs as web developers at large or mid-sized tech companies, Nicole attended Dev Bootcamp as one-third of her year-long alternative education program, Experience Institute. Experience Institute students like Nicole combine apprenticeships, skill-building projects, and short-term immersive experiences over the course of […]